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Amana NFW7200tw Front Load Washer Review & Rating

Amana Washer Ratings

Amana NFW7200TW Rating - 5/5 Stars

Amana Washer Reviews

Amana NFW7200TW Review

Amana nfw7200TW WasherAt one of the lowest price points for a fully functional front load washing machine ($499 List), the Amana NFW7200TW is a great option bargain hunters who still want solid performance and energy efficiency that generally comes with Front Load washing machines. This washer was rated a "Recommended Buy" by a leading Consumer Magazine. The NFW7200TW is well balanced, offers reasonable cycle times (85 minutes), gentle on clothing and offers high spin speeds for reduced dry times.

Some highlights include the Amana NFW7200's affordability, ease of installation, quiet operation and consistent cleaning performance. User reviews comment negatively on touchy buttons, bland styling and difficulty balancing heavier wash items such as rugs resulting in excessive vibration. This Amana washer is Energy Star rated at using only 216 kWh/yr, which should save you money over the life of this appliance. Keep in mind that the Amana NFW7200 washer offer only 3.5 Cubic Feet of capacity, making it more appealing to smaller sized families. If you have a family of 4+ with heavy load demands or frequently wash King Sized comforters, you may want to look at washing machines offering over 4.0 Cu. Ft. of tub capacity. This is currently Amana's only front loading machine and we look forward to additional future models offering additional features such as steam cleaning, hopefully at the low Amana price point.

Is the Amana NFW7200tw Front Load Washerr a good buy for you? Here's what you need to know to buy:

Amana NFW7200tw Quick Stats Review:

List Price: $499
Capacity: 3.5 cu. ft.
Tub Material: Stainless Steel
Water Levels: Variable
Wash Cycles: 8
Temperature Settings: 5
Noise Level: Quiet
Energy Start Rated: Yes
Warranty: 1 year Limited Parts/Labor

Amana NFW7200tw Strengths Review:

#1) Positive User Reviews: It's tough to find negative Amana NFW7200TW user reviews. Most user's give this washing machine a 5/5 rating, based on performance and low price point. Users generally praise the Amana NFW7200's affordability, ease of installation, quiet operation and consistent cleaning performance.

#2) Quiet Operation: Amana's SofSound III technology does an incredible job at cutting down on noise. User reviews frequently commented on the NFW7200's low noise levels which make it ideal close quarters installations.

#3) Good Value: Consistent cleaning power, low noise levels and solid construction at a $499 list price, make this a considerable bargain. Compare this Amana front loading washer to machines costing twice as much from other manufacturers.

#4) Low Operational Costs: Due to this units low energy requirements and Energy Star rating, expect annual operating costs to be low. Given the washers 8 wash cycles and quick wash options, there are many options depending on your clothes soil levels. Less soiled laundry requires less energy and time to clean, equating to lower annual costs.

#5) Dependable: Solid construction and great brand reviews help make this a dependable washing machine. Most users comment on the machines stability and ability to hold up to heavy use.

Amana NFW7200tw Weaknesses Review:

#1) Sensitive Controls: The controls look a little dated and certainly not as well thought out as other manufacturers. Many users comment on the control panels sensitivity, with the lightest brush of the hand starting certain functions. It's a small con to live with given the Amana NFW7200's other value points.

#2) Bland Styling: If you're looking for a very sleek washing machine to fit in with the rest of your style, you may want to look elsewhere. As a budget friendly machine, this washer is only available in white and doesn't offer many flashy design accents found in higher end models.

#3) Load Balancing: At 3.5 Cu. Ft. you shouldn't try to jam this washer with too many heavy items live oversized comforter or rugs. Doing so will result in this Amana washing machine to be unbalanced and operate with significant vibration. The NFW7200TW doesn't offer load balancing technology, which may make it better suited for first floor installations.


Recommended Budget Buy Buy the Amana NFW7200TW if you want a solid washer at a great price and aren't afraid to sacrifice a few bells and whistles. If steam cleaning or load balancing are a must, look elsewhere. Also, if you have a large family with high laundry demands you may require more capacity than offered in this model. For most families and individuals this washer is a great bargain and the best budget (Under $500) front load washer we can recommend.

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